Planning on going away for a weekend with friends? Don’t forget your earplugs, to prevent lying awake all night because your friend is making chainsaw snoring noises. Thanks to the earplugs, the snoring sounds are absorbed, meaning that you’ll rise and shine the next morning. Most earplugs absorb sound, but there are also earplugs that can do entirely different things, such as monitor your heart-rate or that are a full-fledged fitness monitor.

Heart-rated earplugs

Nowadays, an earplug is much more than something you simply plug into your ear. The technology is ever evolving, meaning that more and more interesting items are being released onto the market, such as earplugs that can monitor your heart-rate. Rapper 50 Cent has joined forces with Intel to market these super advanced earplugs. The earplugs are fitted with a heart-rate monitor, allowing the plus to monitor your heart-rate during the day. Perfect for runners, because you can connect them to Runkeeper. At the end of the year, these plugs are available in four different colors.

Fitness en sports

Most sportsmen want to enjoy some nice music when exercising. A major frustration for some is the dangling cord or plugs that fall out of your ear. If the cord is bothering you, you should try wireless versions. The in-ear music earplugs are mainly popular among sportsmen, because, in general, they stay securely in the ear.
And now, there are wireless earplugs that offer much more than just music. Some even have a full-fledged fitness monitor built in. Such as the Bluetooth-powered FreeWavz-earphones that, in addition to your heart-rate, also monitor the oxygen level in your blood as well as your mileage. A German organization has released the Dash-earplugs. This variant offers a lot of interesting data that is extremely valuable to sportsmen. Of course, the well-known name LG is part of this list as well, they have released earplugs with an activity tracker. Plenty of choice in earplugs, that offer much more than just protection against hearing loss and playing music.