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With Alpine, experience the forefront of hearing protection. Our footprint covers over 100 festivals, 300+ clubs and venues, and the world's most exiting race events. We provide unmatched expertise and solutions to ensure your guests enjoy every moment safely. Choose Alpine for festivals, events & venues, races, or business partnerships.


How quickly can hearing damage occur?

At events, noise levels can quickly reach 100 decibels, and without protection, hearing damage can occur in less than 4 minutes. In the case of a rock concert, this can happen within just 30 seconds. It emphasizes the importance of using hearing protection to safeguard attendees' hearing.

What is the typical noise level at festivals, and how can Alpine products help? 

At festivals, the noise level can reach around 100 decibels. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs attenuate 19 decibels, bringing the noise down to a safe level. Festival-goers can comfortably enjoy the entire day (8 hours) with these earplugs. 


Can hearing damage be fixed? 

Unfortunately, once hearing damage is acquired, it cannot be remedied, not even with a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sounds but cannot restore full hearing. Vibrating hairs in the inner ear do not regenerate or repair themselves, and medical science has not yet found a cure for hearing damage.

Can attendees still enjoy the music with Alpine PartyPlug earplugs? 

Absolutely! With Alpine PartyPlug filter earplugs, attendees can reduce the noise to a safe level while maintaining the music experience. The acoustic filters ensure that conversations remain understandable. For those seeking optimal music quality, the Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs with straight-line filters offer an extremely natural music experience. Learn more about the differences between the two products here

How long do Alpine earplugs last? 

Alpine PartyPlug are reusasble up to 100 times. The lifespan depends on usage frequency, with earplugs used less frequently lasting longer. For hygiene reasons, it's recommended to renew universal earplugs like the Alpine PartyPlug every 1 to 2 years. Regular cleaning can also extend their lifespan.

How can attendees hear music while wearing earplugs? 

Wearing earplugs with a filter allows attendees to hear music clearly. The earplug muffles the sound, while the filter lets in a controlled amount of sound at a maximum dB level. This ensures that the music remains enjoyable, preserving its timbre and the variation in high and low tones. Unlike filterless earplugs, which attenuate high and low tones, filter earplugs do not negatively impact the music experience.